MERU, Kenya, Apr 15 – Safina Party Presidential candidate Jimi Wanjigi has called on the government to reduce the taxation on fuel in order to reduce its price and make it affordable to Kenyans.

Speaking in Meru during a tour to meet the party candidates and coordinators, Wanjigi said a reduction of the taxes would translate to a reduction in prices even if fuel subsidies by the government were scrapped.

“Subsidies have not worked anywhere else in the world and will not work for Kenya either. The only option that the government is left with is to reduce the fuel tax which stands at 53 percent at least by half and Kenyans will be able to breathe,” he said,

The party leader said increment in fuel prices was tantamount to increasing the prices of crucial commodities including food and this makes many Kenyans suffer.

“It is saddening to learn that the number of families who are sleeping hungry is increasing day in and day out and this will leave us at the crossroads if the issue of fuel crisis is not addressed,” said Wanjigi.

“I want to tell President Uhuru Kenyatta and his government that at the moment, Kenyans don’t want stories. They have had the same for the last nine years and what they want is affordable fuel which will translate to low food prices,” he said.

He said the government should stop blaming the private sector for the increased fuel prices as well as its shortage but go back to the drawing board and come up with a lasting solution to the prevailing economic crisis.

 Wanjigi said he will soon be unleashing his countrywide presidential campaigns with the sole purpose of saving Kenyans from the prevailing economic crisis.

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I have been very clear to our people and supporters and I am reiterating that let nobody have any doubt that we will be on the ballot come August 9, 2022.

“We are fearless in our quest and we have fearless soldiers all over the country. We are not going backward on this. No retreat no surrender,” said Mr. Wanjigi.

He added, “We know where Kenyans are, what they are feeling and I am one of them and feeling the pain they are feeling. I am therefore offering myself as their saviour.”