An inside view of Kenya's Parliament

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Politics in Kenya’s parliament is known for being highly animated and partisan

National Assembly minority leader John Mbadi don dey suspended from di Kenya parliament sake of di kasala and fight wey happun for di house during plenary session.

Temporary Speaker Christopher Omulele (Luanda) don order di Suba South Member of Parliament to comot di plenary immediately for wetin e describe as gross misconduct, fighting im colleague and disrupting di special sitting wey dem hold to discuss di controversial Political Parties (Amendment) Bill.

Kasala bin burst for Kenya National Assembly as lawmakers exchange blows and punches as dem dey consider di controversial political parties bill vote.

Several lawmakers wey force dia way enta di Speaker section begin exchange blows wit some lawmakers wey dey bottles at dia colleagues during di fight.

Di speaker suspend Mbadi for five days and direct lawmaker Sigowet/Soin MP Benard Koros wey get injury for face to go hospital pending further directives from di Speaker.

“Hon Mbadi you dey directed to leave di grounds of dis House for gross disorder. You dey ordered to withdraw for a minimum of five days,” Temporary Speaker Omulele rule.

Di bleeding Sigowet/Soin legislator complain to di Speaker after e dey allegedly attacked by Mbadi during di session.

“Mr Speaker I don dey attacked for di House by di master of violence for dis House, e dey very wrong say I fit dey injured by an Honourable House Mr Speaker,” e tok.

Koros say im no deserve to dey attacked for di House for carrying out im duty as an MP.

“Mr Speaker I deserve to vote like other members, I no fit dey attacked for carrying out my duty,” he add.

Reacting to im suspension, Mbadi say di speaker dey wrong to make unilateral decision to suspend am for di sittings of di house as process dey to follow before you fit suspend any lawmaker.

On wetin cause di fight, e say “E say “MP Koros bin wan vote for one member wey dey absent and di clerk bin don advise am say e no fit vote even di Chairman tell am same thing. I come tell am to leave because time dey go. Di Honourable member come charges at me and for di process bite my finger. Wetin you want make I do, make I siddon dey look as e dey bite me. If e receive di same thing back as defence, e dey okay.

E say di speaker suppose allow am explain wetin happun before e knack am suspension.

Di chaos start when di MPs begin vote on one proposed amendment by Kandara MP Alice Wahome wey dey seek to delete one clause on di establishment of a Coalition Party.

Wahome argue say di Clause 6 dey unconstitutional make dem remove am.

“You no fit come up wit new terminology to legislate wetin dey di constitution. Coming up wit Coalition Political Party go offend di constitution,” said Wahome.

She add join say, “Dis House no suppose act in vain. I no dey here to please you but to prosecute my amendments. These pipo lost for 2013, 2017 and BBI. Dem go lose for 2022.”

Clause 6 provides, among other things, di procedure wey suppose dey followed for di registration of a political party, wey include di deposit of a coalition agreement.

E further provide say di governance of a coalition party go dey in accordance wit di provisions of di Act and regulations relating to di governance of a coalition.

Di clause also provide say a member of a coalition no go be member of another coalition.

Uhuru and Raila parties dey seek to change di law and have parties join Azimio la Umoja Movement without losing their identity.