House session degenerated into a boxing ring after MPs exchanged fisticuffs as they considered the divisive Coalition Bill.

Several lawmakers forced their way to Speaker’s section and began exchanging blows with some lawmakers throwing water bottles at their colleagues during the ensuing melee.

The chaos erupted when the MPs were taking a vote on a proposed amendment by Kandara MP Alice Wahome that sought to delete a clause on the establishment of a Coalition Party.

Wahome argued that Clause 6 was unconstitutional and should be expunged.

“You cannot come up with new terminology to legislate what is in the constitution. Coming up with Coalition Political Party offends the constitution,” said Wahome.

She added, “This House should never act in vain. I am not here to please you but to prosecute my amendments. These people lost in 2013, 2017 and BBI. They will lose in 2022.”

Clause 6 provides, among other things, the procedure to be followed for the registration of a political party, which includes the deposit of a coalition agreement.

It further provides that the governance of a coalition party shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Act and regulations relating to the governance of a coalition.

The clause also provides that a member of a coalition shall not be a member of another coalition.

Uhuru and Raila parties are seeking to change the law and have parties join Azimio la Umoja Movement without losing their identity.