Kisii Senator Sam Ongeri [Boniface Okendo, Standard]

Kisii Senator Prof Sam Ongeri, 83, has affirmed his quest to become the next governor of the agricultural county, saying he has resolved to dedicate the remainder of his life to uplifting the wellbeing of the county’s residents.

“After years of service, I am sure I could easily have retired into a life of comfort and ease as an elder statesman, or as a beneficiary of any one of the nation’s many generous offerings. But I think I perfectly fit the criteria of the person Kisii needs at this point in time to take it to even greater heights.”

The seasoned politician and a career medical doctor-pediatrician wants to succeed governor James Ongwae.

In his campaign message designed to attract both the young and the old, Ongeri says locals must create synergy among themselves.

“Unifying Kisii County people is a work in progress. I have always said that the Kisii are republican in nature and that is why various people and groups are speaking up everywhere in Kisiiland.”

Prof Ongeri says it is important that the locals come together as a people to succeed.

“Our strength will come in unity. When we come together, all hands must be on deck. The opportunity is at our doorsteps. We must think and act strategically. What is needed for a people to excel is the ability of the leadership to think beyond the ordinary.”

He explains that a good leader must be able to stand up and see what the folks on the streets don’t see and take appropriate steps to arrive at a destination of prosperity.

“I believe further that anyone who must lead Kisii County at this crucial period must have the fear of God and must be one that is well known to the people and who knows the length and breadth of the county, and I fit into all these descriptions.”

According to Prof Ongeri, he cannot relent until there is a new song in Kisii County.

Despite criticism from opponents who often cite his age to rule him out of the race, the Senator believes that he is in the race for governor solely for the love of his county and concern for its destiny and the fate of its people.

“And that is why I am still in the struggle and will remain in it to the end. It should be clear that I am not in this for the love of office or for pursuit after personal glory or in order to achieve some personal goal.”