Finding a suitable Legal Match

Whether you are an individual or a business, building a good relationship with your advocate is important.

The Advocates Nairobi Lawyer Referral service will aid you in locating a suitable advocate.

Utilising our advocate referral service is a great way to introduce yourself without going through the hassle of calling a list of advocates.

Whether you are looking for an Advocate in Westlands, a Solicitor in Parklands, a Lawyer in Nairobi CBD or a Barrister in Mombasa or a Legal professional anywhere in Nairobi or Kenya, your in the right place.

  • Reputable resource for legal representation.

  • Good legal advice and expertise.

  • Professional and Efficient Service.

The Advocates Nairobi Lawyer Referral Service provides service users with referrals to qualified Advocates who can help them with their legal matters. The Advocates Nairobi staff cannot give legal advice but can provide referrals in more than 100 areas of law. The lawyers on our panel are referred on a rotational basis by area of legal expertise and by geographical location.

The Advocates Nairobi staff can only provide one referral per request, but you may receive additional referrals, if necessary. Every Advocate on the Advocates Nairobi panel has an active caseload and may not be able to immediately contact you, but the Advocate will call you within 3 working days. If the Advocate we refer, is not able to deal with your specific legal matter, we will endeavour to locate another suitable Advocate

After an Advocate has been accepted on the Advocates Nairobi Lawyer Referral Service, the lawyer’s name appears on the list of each area of law for which he or she has been approved. We have a basic underlying rotation but consider the geographic area of the client and any special needs or requests that we can meet.

We do not have access to any Advocates schedules – the Advocate may be in court or fully scheduled for the day. We ask that you wait at least 3 full business days for the Advocate to call you. If the Advocate does not call or is unavailable for a consultation, we will provide another referral

An advocate referred by Advocates Nairobi are highly qualified with rich experience in different arenas of law. We take a lot of pride while offering the lawyer referral service to our Service users.   

You can simply fill out the form and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. The procedure is very simple and hassle free.

Advocates Nairobi offer its lawyer referral service in the following, but not limited to the following areas

1)      Contract law

2)      Labour law

3)      Criminal law

4)      Business law

5)      Financial laws

6)       Family law


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