Most of us use wet wipes but they shouldn’t be the only thing you use to cleanse (Photo: Courtesy)

After a long, tiresome day, it can be tempting to just skip the whole makeup removal process and go to bed.

You might also think you’re helping your skin by giving your face a few swipes with makeup removal wipes but that’s never a good solution.

Not removing your makeup or using makeup wipes usually has many negative consequences.

And the myth that using wipes is better than nothing isn’t true because they are also known to cause a number of skin irritations and they don’t usually remove the makeup properly.

Let no one lie to you, the only and best way to get all the dirt out is by washing your face.

To make sure your always left with a clean and clear canvas to work on the next day, here are certain steps you should follow to keep your skin healthy and happy:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly

Proper hygiene should never be forgotten when doing your face care routines. You definitely don’t want to transfer any bacteria to your face because those could easily cause infections.

This is especially important now that Covid is spreading so you must always start by washing your hands with antibacterial soap and clean water before proceeding to wash your face.

 Using an oil cleanser helps breakdown makeup particles for a smoother removal (Photo: Courtesy)

Using oils as the first step of your makeup removing routine is crucial. It helps to gently lift the makeup and breaks it down for a smoother removal process.

This will especially come in handy if you have applied waterproof makeup because you won’t have to spend so much time trying to scrub it off roughly.

Use a gentle oil like coconut oil to massage directly to your face including your eyes and lips to get rid of eye makeup and lipstick that is often hard to remove.

Don’t forget areas like the hairline where makeup residue tends to hide.

The next step is to lift all that oil and makeup with a good face wash. You need to have a facewash that suits your skin type for maximum benefits.

Apply some of the wash and massage it in until all the dirt has lifted. Do it gently and take your time to ensure that you’re not forgetting some areas.

 Always use a face wash to cleanse for maximum benefits (Photo: Courtesy)

It’s always recommended that you rinse off with warm water rather than cold because warm water does a much better job at removing the dirt.

And since the previous step involved oils, lukewarm water will easily get rid of any oil residue well.

Remember that the water should never be hot. This will burn and worsen issues like dry skin since it strips out the natural oils.

  • Confirm if there is any residue

Not removing your makeup properly could irritate your skin and possibly cause infections and breakouts. So, before you go on to apply your favorite moisturizer, you should confirm that you have wiped everything off well.

Complete the process by pouring a few drops of your toner on a cotton pad then gently wipe your face.


If you have some skin problems like acne, excessive oily or dry skin, you should consult your dermatologist on what products you should use and which specific steps you should follow.