The feeling you get when you know you’re coming down with a cold is the worst. You will start to feel your nose getting stuffy, the sneezing will start to happen more often, and you just know that you might be getting sick soon.

A flu can slow down your day but, you can still try and stop it in its tracks before it comes. Lemons, anyone?

Although we already understand that it’s a viral infection that can spread easily, there are many ways you can help your body boost its immunity using some of the tips on this list:

The cold causing viruses can spread in many ways. And being in close contact with someone who is sick heightens your chances of getting sick as well.

If you’re around people who are sick, try your best to avoid getting into close contact with them until they heal. This isn’t the time to hug them or stand too close to them because you might get sick as well if they sneeze or cough close to you.

Drinking enough water every day is an essential step in ensuring your body resists an impending cold.

It’s also a preventative measure you can take even when you’re not sick because you will basically be enhancing your body’s immune response in case flu season is coming.

Ensure you drink a few glasses a day and combine that with honey and lemon tea or ginger tea, which also have immune boosting properties.

 Water will help boost your immune system to enhance your body’s response to flu (Photo: Courtesy)

Ramping up your hygiene will also go a long way in preventing and fighting any cold symptoms. Right now as we are protecting ourselves against Covid, one thing that was emphasized on from the beginning is washing hands and sanitizing.

Similarly, when it comes to flus, you need to keep your hands clean and avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes if you haven’t washed your hands.

From what they tell us, these viruses can live on surfaces for hours and you can easily get sick if you get into contact with those contaminated surfaces.

Getting enough sunshine is good for your overall health. The vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and in this case, it helps to ward off any flus.

If you have low vitamin D levels there is a higher chance of falling ill so you should ensure you spend more time getting some sunshine.

An alternative would be eating foods rich in vitamin D like oily fish or supplements.

Sometimes we underestimate the importance of getting enough rest. Many of us pull all-nighters often and every day, this plays a role in having a weakened immune system.

It’s very important to ensure you’re getting enough hours of sleep because this will go a long way in maintaining a strong immune system.

Aside from that, there is also need to find ways to manage stress. A stressed out body will invite a number of stress related illnesses and put a strain on your immune response when it comes to warding off colds.