Choosing the right foods is crucial and you should really think about what you’re putting in your body [Courtesy]

Doing your own research can significantly improve your quality of life. Seeking deeper knowledge on areas like the right type of food to eat can empower you to do what is best for your health.

A big topic that is often discussed is fertility. Over the years there has been a rising concern about dropping fertility rates and part of the reason why this is becoming more common can be partly blamed on the types of foods we are eating.

Right now it is easy to have anything you want to be delivered to you but not all of it is great especially if you’re trying to have a baby. Choosing the right foods is crucial and you should really think about what you’re putting in your body.

Here are some of those nasty foods you need to completely avoid when trying for a baby.

Processed carbs

Processed carbs always seem to make it on the list of foods that aren’t good for our bodies. And in this specific case, they are also not a good option for any woman trying to conceive.

Choices like white bread and baked snacks can contribute to hormonal imbalances and also trigger inflammation both which have a negative effect on fertility.

Instead of reaching for those crisps, why not grab better options like wholemeal bread, carrots and kidney beans that supply your body with the right type of carbs?

Excess caffeine

Coffee is definitely a top choice for breakfast that people love to go for. The rich flavor makes it hard to resist and you can end up taking a couple of cups a day.

This move can be very risky for your specific situation. A cup or two a day might not lower your fertility, but many studies have shown that drinking more than that could affect your estrogen production.

Limit your coffee intake as well as other drinks that are high in caffeine.

Fish that contain a high amount of mercury

Fried catfish with a slice of lemon sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not so great because catfish and other types of high-mercury fish also come with negative effects.

They increase the chances of having fertility issues and they can also cause problems like miscarriages if you do manage to make some progress.

You can still enjoy fish but just make sure you are going for freshwater organic options.

Fast food

Overindulging in fast food actually lowers your chances of conceiving. And the fact that we often wash them down with sugary drinks and sodas makes it even worse.

 Overindulging in fast food actually lowers your chances of conceiving [Courtesy]

The added issue with fast food is the heightened chance of becoming overweight or obese which puts a further strain on fertility. That said, the weight issue becomes controversial when the media promotes big girls when in actuality, they are at a high risk of several diseases including the inability to conceive.

Red meats

This is another type of food that has been investigated for a long time. We often find ourselves enjoying red meat including the processed options and that is something that has also contributed to fertility challenges.

Red meat can trigger an irregular menstrual cycle and further cause problems even when it comes to male fertility.

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