New year resolutions motivate us to be better and do better (Image: Shutterstock)

No new year is ushered in without a resolution or two. Everyone has goals they have set their mind on whether they’re financial goals, career ambitions or any other personal goals that we want to achieve.

Although things don’t always go to plan, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Basically, New Year resolutions are personal motivations to be better and do better.

Although you probably have your unique list of things you would like to change about yourself, you should consider these five resolutions as you prepare for 2022:

  • Do something you are afraid of

Many of us would choose safety over taking risks any day. Risk forces us to move out of our comfort zones and deal with the uncertainty of not knowing what the future holds.

Interestingly, the more risks we take, the stronger we become. If you never challenge yourself, you will probably miss out on some amazing opportunities to grow.

Discover your potential this new year and try something you’ve been afraid of whether it’s meeting new people, launching your business or even getting over the fear of driving.

A common trend that has become more popular is self-love. We’re constantly reminded how we need to love ourselves, put our needs before others and always do what’s best for ourselves.

For sure, self-love is essential because without it, you will have a skewed vision of your worth. But at the same time, many people’s hearts have grown cold towards others because self-love is now transforming into self-obsession and the once positive movement is now unrecognizable.

This new year, we should shift our focus to being kind and considerate towards others especially as we enter an election period.

 As you guard your mental health ensure your physical health is equally maintained (Image: Shutterstock)
  • Go for checkups more often

An assumption people tend to have is, if you feel okay, you are 100% in good health. Maybe you will even experience some odd symptoms a couple of times and ignore them only to discover that something serious is going on internally when you go for a checkup.

To keep your health in check, schedule more checkups to ensure everything is fine. If anything is off, you will be able to detect it early and handle it right away before it progresses into something irreversible.

Money matters are never left out of the list when it comes to new year resolutions. If you ask around, you will hear different plans like making more money, learning about cryptocurrency and so many other financial goals.

Before all these milestones are reached, the issue of debt should be addressed. Having unpaid loans could slow down any progress you’re trying to make or possibly cause you to stagnate on the same level for years.

On your new year financial resolutions, prioritize how you will clear any debt you have.

Mental health is an area that needs to be addressed even more as we move to the next year. It’s wonderful that this topic is discussed more openly but there are still some gaps that need to be filled.

You should make it a personal goal to really assess how you’re feeling by keeping a journal, adopting healthy coping mechanisms whenever you’re feeling stressed and find a counsellor who can guide you through those tough seasons.

Your personal efforts will go a long way in maintaining a happy life.