Heels are a girl’s best friend. They can instantly give life to any outfit and transform a look from basic to chic or straight up baddie.

What we love about heels is the fact that there are different types and designs for every woman out there. If you’re only focused on modest heels that are not too high, you can find those. And if you’re a girl that can strut with up to six-inch-high heels, you can easily get those too.

As you add more to your heel collection, you shouldn’t ignore the essentials. To ensure you have every design covered, start with these:

 Office heels need to be comfortable and not too distracting (Photo: Courtesy)

I know the office can be a bit boring but that shouldn’t mean that your style needs to be sad too. With monotonous routines every day, it’s easy to let your style suffer.

To get a confidence boost, you should have some polished heels that you can wear during such days. They should be comfortable enough to walk around in and neutral in color since you will need to combine them with many outfits.

These will come in handy for daily office wear, for meetings or interviews where you need to look your best.

 Who said you should run errands looking basic? (Photo: Courtesy)

Now that you have some official-looking type heels, you can add comfy, casual heels to the list. You might be tired of wearing sneakers and sandals every day and are looking for something different and that’s where a pair or two of casual heels come in.

These are the heels that will come through for you if you want to still look girly and cute as you run your errands. These will look good and actually give you extra support for your feet and back as compared to flat shoes.

Examples are comfy block or kitten heels as well as chic wedges.

 Statement heels are bold and unapologetic (Photo: Courtesy)

These heels are meant to serve bold and unapologetic looks. These are your metallic heels, heels with interesting patterns and colors and those that have a unique heel design.

These aren’t meant to be worn every day and they’re mostly for events where you need to show up in style.

Treat yourself to at least one pair of statement heels.

 Dinner date heels need to be sexy, show off your freshly painted nails as well (Photo: Courtesy)

When you’re going out for date night, your office heels or casual errand heels don’t always pair well with what you’re wearing. It definitely helps to have sexy heels that can blend well with the flirty mood of the date.

You can go for something like classy lace up heels.

 Neutral heels will pair well with almost anything in your closet (Photo: Courtesy)

Just like any other closet essentials like the little black dress, you should also have a few neutral colored heels to back you up. They will save you when you’re going for an abrupt event or in any situation where you need to put together an outfit quickly.

They should be simple and comfortable so that you can wear them for a quick meeting, a date or occasion and, the best colors to start with are nude and black.