Our lady parts are one of the most sensitive areas on our bodies. A slight change can throw off the balance which increases the chances of infections.

We generally know of the basics of keeping the vagina happy and that includes drinking enough water, proper pre and after sex care and good hygiene practices.

Aside from these, you should know of some of the things to avoid. First, it’s never advisable to douche which is directly flushing your vagina with plain water, a mixture of water and vinegar or a store-bought douche with a mixture of chemicals. You should also avoid feminine washes too especially those that are scented because they can cause severe irritation.

While we understand the vagina is self-cleaning, one area that we need to focus on is diet. What we consume directly affects vaginal health and that is why you should limit your intake of sugary foods and alcohol because they’re known to trigger infections like yeast.

Instead, you should embrace healthy options like the ones on this list:

Sweet potatoes are both healthy and delicious. They’re so popular because of their unique sweet taste but we also need to know about the benefits they come with.

When we talk about the benefits for vaginal health, these potatoes come with more than one perk. They are rich in vitamin A which strengthens vagina walls, they help to balance hormones and boost fertility.

 Leafy greens will prevent your vaginal walls from weakening and drying (Photo: Courtesy)

Vegetables like kale should never be left out of your diet. They come with amazing benefits for not only your overall health, but also your reproductive health.

Studies have proved that dark leafy greens improve blood circulation. They also prevent the vaginal walls from weakening through a good supply of minerals like calcium and fight vaginal dryness along with other benefits.

Other nutritious options you should add to your list are fiber rich foods like legumes.

They are rich in prebiotics and they also keep your gut happy. Since many infections are triggered by poor gut health, fiber rich foods maintain a healthy connection to ward off any problems and provide a supply of healthy bacteria.

 Yoghurt contains lactic acid that helps maintain pH levels killing infections (Photo: Courtesy)

Yoghurt isn’t your average summer treat or dessert. It is a powerful source of healthy bacteria that goes a long way in preventing an overgrowth of infection causing bacteria.

It contains healthy live cultures and lactic acid both which help maintain the perfect acidic pH ‘down there’ while killing off infections.

With a few cups a week, you’re lowering the chances of inviting urinary tract infections and other uncomfortable infections that can affect your reproductive health.

The best option to try is plain yoghurt.

Fatty fish like salmon have always been considered to be one of the most nutritious options you can find.

They are packed with omega 3 fatty acids which provide anti-inflammatory benefits, boost blood circulation and combat dryness which often leads to painful sex.