Managers consider overqualified applicants as seasonal employees who will be unwilling to accept the position’s pay rate. [iStockphoto]

An impressive job history is encouraging but sometimes intimidating to an employer if you are too qualified for the position offered. Choice of words on your cover letter determines whether you will be hired or rejected.

Allison Green, chief of staff for medium-size nonprofit, says, “Managers consider overqualified applicants as seasonal employees who will be unwilling to accept the position’s pay rate. They may be bored at some point because better pay is their motivation. Mention what motivates you more about the job offer to create an impression that you are more interested in working than the reward.”

Eliminate high qualification

It’s very wrong to give false information on your cover letter. A wise approach is to address your roles in the previous job position and give an assurance that your intention is to deliver a better service according to the job requirement.

Topic of money

Money is a sensitive subject by all means as a new potential employee. You may wish for a higher salary than your previous station.

When your manager asks about your salary expectation, dwell more on expressing your gratitude to work with how the organizations financial structure is performing.

As you present your salary proposal, express a range figure such as Sh30,000-Sh38,000 and mention how you believe you would be an asset to the company.

Employers intention

A performance history on the cover letter gives the employer an opportunity to make a firm decision on the responsibility and level of wage to accord you.

For instance, a figure such as Sh35,000   in your past work station as a sales representative, with exact achievements in the role, will allow your new boss to know how to go about the figure in a fair way.

Mary Mania Sales manager at Slam Insurance Limited says, “it requires a level of understanding of payment dynamics while working with clients on commission. A sales person may be making in sales for another company but may get a lesser wage when they move to a new job that may have a smaller market share. What do you do? Do you quit? No! You check other factors such as the work environment and commissions.”

Strategies to get a job in 2022

Taking time not to complain about not receiving feedback but assessing what those who received interview invites did will set you apart.

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