Branding can make or break your business. A brand communicates and goes ahead of you even before you make a pitch to a prospective client.

And as such, emailing is a big part of brand outlook, especially with the era of email marketing and e-commerce.

It is understandable for a business at the launch stage to have conventional non-specified domains assigned to it. With time, the need to buy a domain may weigh or strain business operations owing to the renewal of monthly subscriptions.

Kelvin Macharia the Lead Creator at Deep Africa, a tech firm, developed OxAPP Suite to help start-ups overcome struggles when developing their websites.

OxApp Suite is a converged emailing workspace for businesses to access specific domains that are assigned to their business names.

Basically, when you send your email address your domain name appears instead of the basic Google assigned domain. 

“Many businesses I handled back in the day had issues with their emails getting spammed because of the sub-domaining that contained characters like numbers included in their addresses. My solution now provides the opportunity for email addresses to look neat, presentable and acceptable for any corporate to relate to,” Macharia explained.

To access it, all you need is a sign-up and an annual payment which he explained is affordable for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which forms his biggest target market.

“The cost issue was a big challenge to most SME’s and as such, one of our biggest inputs was to rationalize and subsidize costs over a range of products that would suit the client,” Macharia explained.

Since starting out in 2019, their clientele has grown to over 500 active subscribers.

“One of our biggest competitive advantages is our system’s ability to sync and work within any geographical location and with any device.

His biggest challenge is educating the client on how his system works.
His firm’s prospects can only get better with the increase in remote working and the gig economy where compensation is task-based.

Macharia believes that the nature of human resources will be greatly supplemented by technology and fast internet.  

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